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Web Hosting Services

Shared, Virtual, Custom & DDoS Protection Options!


Web Hosting Services from The HelpDesk LLC are reliable and secure. We offer three levels of web hosting services. Shared web hosting is the first level and the most affordable, especially for small organizations. Virtual hosting is a step up and offers more flexibility and options for growing businesses. Dedicated servers are readily available for companies that demand the highest level of security and control over their data.

For well over a decade our web hosting services have protected hundreds of company sites. When you inquire about our web hosting service, be sure to ask about how we can protect your site from hackers and botnets.

The HelpDesk's hosting services can include a basic level of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection. Upgrade options start at $150/month and offer iron-clad security against even the most vicious DDoS and botnet attacks! We protect your website like it's our own! Be sure to read the report: Seven Significant Reasons To Host With Us!

Highlights of our web hosting services:

  • Shared Web Hosting Services: Low as $30/month
  • Virtual Hosting Services: Low as $150/month
  • Dedicated Server Options: Starting at $2,500/month
  • FTP Hosting Services
  • Domain Name Services
  • Managed DNS and AnyCast Routing

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