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On a regular basis, the staff at The HelpDesk LLC hears the same questions from different clients. This page was developed as a resource for our clients and customers to find the answers to their questions. All of the reports and papers on this page are available for free downloading. These resources are meant to be a service to our friends and clients. As you share them with others please be sure to give credit to The HelpDesk LLC as the source of the information. Thank you. Enjoy and learn!


Five Things Your Web Host Won't Tell You!

Purchasing web hosting these days is currently a "buyer beware" market. Many hosts sell with an extremely low price because they're going after volume. But what they don't tell you is just as important as what they promise to deliver. We've read the fine print on all those discount sites and interpreted in simple terms in this report. What you see offered and described in the marketing is not always what you get. This report alerts you to the difference between all those services and reveals the key questions that you should ask when shopping for a reliable host. It was was written with our clients in mind. It's purpose is to equip you with enough simple information to give the average person the right expectation. Much of what we describe here for you is either buried in the fine print on the web host's site or simply unspoken and assumed.


Seven Significant Reasons to Host With Us!

Choosing a web host is not something you want to take lightly. This report will not only explain the benefits of choosing the HelpDesk LLC as your host, but also, help you understand the questions to ask when shopping around. It's a one-pager with seven powerful and significant reasons.

what is cloud computing lansing michigan

What Is Cloud Computing?

There is a lot of talk these days about cloud computing. What is it? What are the pros and cons of using it? Lots of clients keep asking what exactly it is and whether they should do it. This report defines what it is and discusses the pros and cons that should be considered. Be sure to read both this report and the next on protecting your data in the cloud.

how to protect your data in the cloud helpdesk lansing michigan

How To Protect Your Data In the Cloud

In the current environment, there is a large disparity between what cloud providers believe and expect of users of the cloud and what users believe and expect the cloud providers to do. A recent survey indicated that 69% of cloud providers said that data security was the responsibility of the end-user. By contrast, only 35% of the end-users agreed that they should be responsible. This means that a business considering moving to a cloud-based environment for their business applications should take an aggressive approach to protect their data. This report will help you clearly understand the issues!

preventing ddos attacks helpdesk lansing michigan

How To Prevent DDos Attacks on Your Website

DDoS is an acronym for Distributed Denial of Service. It describes an attack on your website that slows the service to a crawl so that it is impossible for your customers and others to access your website. Some businesses are more like to come under attack then others, but it pays to understand how and why these attacks occur. This report covers the basics and will give you a better idea of how to protect your website from the bad guys and hackers that want to shut you down.

thirty ways to improve your search rankings helpdesk lansing michigan

Thirty Ways To Improve Your Search Rankings

We all want want to come up number one on the search engines, right? If anyone promises they can get you to number one, they're probably lying, exaggerating or don't know what they're talking about. The search engine folks go to great lengths to prevent webmasters from gaming the system. So the rules keep changing every day. It is important for your web listing to show up on the first page of results and it is possible to move from number fifty or one hundred and fifty by doing a few simple things. This report gives you, in plain English, thirty simple things to help you move way up in the rankings. You may or may not hit number one, but you'll definitely move way up when you follow the report!

PCI Compliance Package for Small Business

PCI Compliance Package For Small Business

Everyone that takes credit cards for payment in their business is required to comply with these guidelines from the Payment Card Industry (PCI). This package of three documents gives the small business person: 1) Managemnt Guidelines, 2) Employee Guidelines, and 3) A Sample Policy, that can be modified to your specific business. This package is provided as a service to The HelpDesk LLC clients. It is not meant to be comprehensive or replace information provided by the PCI. More details are provided at: Or, you can find a summary in this: PCI DSS Quick Reference Guide.

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